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We are LV Valenbeck packing & freight services. Designers and manufacturers of timber and corrugated packaging. Offering bespoke products to meet the needs of our diverse customer base.
Design excellence is at the heart of our success. From our design team through to the highly skilled specialists on our production floor everyone at LV Valenbeck knows the maxim:
If it's designed right, it performs right.

With over 30 years experience within the packing industry, our staff offer a unique blend of expertise as designers and consultants. We've been told that this combination of talent uniquely supports our clients needs.
We believe our hands on experience and knowledge of packing systems & freight services is the foundation for the specialised service we offer.

The LV Valenbeck head office. Based in Jarrow, Newcastle



Think outside
the box

Our job is to answer your questions on the path to discovering & designing cost-effective solutions to your packing requirements.


From conception
to construction

From CAD drawings to standardised packing codes, at LV Valenbeck we examine initial ideas using a variety of filters to validate the most cost-effective concept to construct, in accordance with HSQE requirements.


On time,
every time

LV Valenbeck has a full service offering and focus on distributing your goods on time, every time. Our distribution network guarantees your bespoke packaged items reach their destination in pristine condition to your exacting requirements.


Export Packing

At LV Valenbeck we understand the importance of the correct method of packing, handling and shipping when transporting your cargo throughout the world.

This is why our Export Packing Service takes in to consideration all of the handling rigours your cargo will encounter whilst on its journey.

Our experienced design and packing teams provide a safe, robust and cost effective solution to ensure your goods arrive at their destination in the same condition they left your premises; regardless of size, weight and delicate nature of the product.

Our facility at Jarrow allows us to handle equipment up to 25 tonnes in weight, however, we appreciate that it is not always practical to have large, heavy and out of gauge pieces transported prior to packing, which is why we offer an extensive off site packing service and also project management throughout the UK.

Our professional export packing staff have over 25 years’ experience within the industry and that, combined with our case making service, allows us to offer our clients the confidence that their shipment will be safely and securely packed, handled, shipped and delivered through to their customer.

Export Packing

  • On-site Packing
  • Custom Design
  • Packing of Dangerous Goods
  • Project Management
  • Temperature / humidity preservation
  • Bulk Consolidation
  • ISPM15 Compliant
  • Containerisation (Out of gauge, Flat racks etc...)


At LV Valenbeck we manufacture a wide range of timber Cases, Crates & pallets, from a simple one trip pallet, to export cases suitable for the transportation of equipment weighing in excess of 100 tonnes.

Our qualified staff construct packaging to the highest possible standards for the protection of products whilst in transit to all global destinations. Recognising our client’s demands for a quick turnaround we pride ourselves on having the capability to respond at short notice without compromising our high quality standards.

Timber Cases

Despite the impact of ISPM15 Regulations on the control of international timber product movement, timber continues to be the material most suited to many packaging applications. We understand the importance of the initial design required for each application and can provide design drawings of various options to establish the most suited method.

All timber supplied by LV Valenbeck is treated to conform with ISPM15 standards, allowing our clients and theirs to ship packages between countries throughout the world.

LV Valenbeck have the capability to design and manufacture timber cases to suit the individual needs of each client to best protect the product to be transported. Cases can be lined with moisture protection and shock proof material to protect delicate equipment whilst in transit.

Plywood Cases

Commonly used for air-freight cargo because of their light and sturdy construction. Plywood cases are also ISPM15 compliant. Typical plywood thickness can range from 6mm to 22mm to meet specific customer requirements.

As with timber cases, plywood cases can be designed for a bespoke packaging solution. We understand the importance of the initial design stage for each application and can provide CAD design drawings of various options to establish the most suitable method of packaging.

Cardboard / Fibreboard

We manufacture a comprehensive range of corrugated packaging, catering for the protection & presentation of product, for all market places.

From the smallest die cut insert, up to export quality outer cartons, we have your entire packaging requirement covered. Our range of stock materials span from micro flute single wall, through to various double walls, both conventional & heavy duty, to triple wall corrugated.

LV Valenbeck offer a design and sampling services allowing our clients to source the correct packing without incurring additional costs whilst finding the perfect solution to your packing needs.

We offer call-off stock holding and Kan-Ban delivery systems, allowing you to reduce your stock holding costs and maximise available production space, safe in the knowledge your regular packaging requirements are available for call-off, from pre-made stock.


Our 80,000sq.ft facility in Jarrow offerers short term storage solutions whilst equipment is waiting to be packed. We also offer stock control inventory management if required.

Warehousing and storage services are all available through under flexible hire arrangements and include the following:

  • General Storage
  • Buffer Storage
  • Bulk Storage
  • Fabrication Facilities
  • Groupage Services
  • Container Stuffing / Devanning

Mechanical Container Loading Equipment, this device has been designed to suit customer requirements and makes the most of the maximum cubic capacity of standard 20ft, 40ft and 45ft containers.

This equipment enables the loading of a variety of products in a safe and more cost efficient manner as opposed to the more costly of open top containers.


  • Shipping costs can be up to 80% less than other special methods
  • Greater availability of standard containers
  • Less labour intensive operation than loading open top containers
  • Improved efficiency in both loading and discharge activities
  • Increased loading capacity
  • Less risk of damage to goods as loading is not confided to the container
  • Various discharge options available
  • Safety

Ministry of Defence

As you may imagine the Ministry of Defence require all equipment and spare parts to be in a serviceable condition as and when required. Whether it's a nut, bolt or a delicate electronic instrument, if it arrives at the end user damaged it could delay the repair or deployment of a vital piece of equipment.

It is with this in mind that the MoD set extremely high standards for the packing of equipment and their specifications require the production quality and packing levels of the very highest standards.

A high importance is placed on the design and quality of the packaging involved and this is an area Valenbeck Packing & Freight Services have excelled in over the past 5 years.

Having handled and manufactured the required packaging for engines, ballistics equipment and general parts, for numerous Armoured Vehicles, Valenbeck prides itself on its high quality manufacturing capabilities and the thorough understanding of International regulations which makes us ideally place to meet the requirements of Defence Organizations.

Our interlinked design and manufacturing capabilities have allowed us to support various defence contracts both in the UK and overseas.


Packing of Hazardous Materials.

All hazardous materials transported internationally must be packed in accordance with the appropriate regulations. Our team of trained and approved staff have amassed a wealth of experience in the packaging of a wide range of hazardous materials and will be able to assist you through the potential pitfalls involved in the movement of these products.

We stock a comprehensive range of UN approved packaging material to suit all needs, allowing us to react promptly to any urgent shipments you have. Whether you’re a regular shipper needing to purchase packaging materials or for a first time exporter of hazardous materials requiring a professional packing service, allow LV Valenbeck to guide you through the process.

Freight Forwarding

LV Valenbeck is owned by LV Shipping, part of the LV Group, a privately owned Dutch company based in Rotterdam. LV Shipping has benefited from a significant level of investment over the last decade, enabling us to continue to effectively respond to the ever-changing industry and requirements of our customers.

LV Shipping operates all services under strict health & safety, environmental and risk management procedures to ensure the services provided are of the highest quality.

The company has extensive trailer operations to and from Europe and Scandinavia, as well as facilities servicing the Middle East, the Far East, the Indian Sub-Continent, Asia, Australasia and the Americas. LV Shipping operates its own domestic fleet of vehicles, servicing the haulage and distribution markets throughout the UK. All LV vehicles are fitted with telematics (vehicle management system) and all trailers fitted with a tracking device.

A new development has been the opening of our Singapore office which now places us at the hub of South East Asia logistics. This important location has enhanced our global operations, enabling our clients to benefit from both fully integrated and bespoke solutions to and from this key region.

  • Road groupage and full load trailer services to / from mainland Europe
  • Deep sea FCL / LCL.
  • General world-wide forwarding including import / export documentation.
  • Machinery removal, packing and shipping.
  • Project forwarding.
  • Air freight and air courier services.

"No Item is to big or to small for us to handle on your behalf"


Once products are packed into cases, LV Shipping also provides a service of packing these cases into containers. Cases are adequately stowed and blocked to prevent movement and damage in transit and is evenly distributed along the container/trailer to ensure even weight distribution with lighter cargo stowed above heavy goods.

Contact us for further information or a quotation - we look forward to hearing from you.


Health & Safety

A project can only be considered successful if it has been carried out safely. To maximise site safety we ensure that the workforce carry out their tasks in the best conditions we can provide for them and appropriate Health & Safety procedures have been implemented.

Site Inductions

In addition to the LV Valenbeck Health & Safety induction, a site induction is compulsory for every person working on site under LV Valenbeck’s control. Inductions include: Security on site, Site Welfare, Drink and drugs Policy, Significant risks and hazards, Emergency procedures, Fire emergency evacuation procedures, Access rules, Protective equipment PPE and Accident reporting.

Safety Meetings

Safety meetings with the customer are carried out both daily and weekly in order to discuss and resolve any possible issues during the project.

Method Statements

The purpose of Method Statements is to ensure that all personnel required to carry out the tasks have been fully instructed in the way they are to complete the task. The Method Statements describe in detail where, when and how a job or process will be carried out, it identifies any potential hazards and lists the appropriate control procedures.

Risk Assessments

The purpose of a risk assessment is to provide information and solutions to the different issues that can be encoutered during the completion of a task. Every risk, even minor has to be identified and assessed. The risk assessment informs the people onsite of the incidents which could possibly happen and as a consequence take the necessary precautions.

Site Inspections / Audit

LV Valenbeck’s Health & Safety management team carry out unannounced site inspections and safety audits for self-Improvement. The inspections / audits ensure that the company’s safety procedures are being adhered to. Any problems identified are reported to the site manager and immediately resolved.

Incident / Accident Reporting

Reporting incidents and accidents help to improve safety on site, near miss incidents are also recorded as these will occur far more frequently than accidents. It is the project manager’s responsibility to maintain an accurate record of all site accidents and near misses and inform the Health & Safety team in case of major injury or concern.


LV Valenbeck only uses fully tested and certificated equipment. A valid certificate is sent to site with all tackle and equipment. All equipment on site is entered onto a site register and a member of the workforce made responsible for ensuring all tackle and equipment is tested or inspected at relevant intervals by a qualified person.

All our slings are tested to comply the PUWER (Provision and Uses of Work Equipment Regulations) and LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) standards.

Bespoke Packing

LV Valenbeck can provide effective bespoke packing designs for all types of products, weights, dimensions and fragility.

Depending on the type of product we are packing, where that product is to be delivered and the shipping method to be used, LV Valenbeck can provide our expertise to advise how and why your product should be packed to ensure the safest delivery possible. When clients are faced with the need to transport delicate or sensitive products it is often the case that standard packing methods will not afford the level of protection required and it may be necessary to design bespoke packaging and/or use specific treatment methods to ensure the products are fully protected during their journey.

LV Valenbeck have packed such diverse items as a large scale model ship in a delicate display case, which required custom designed foam cushioned inner packing, carefully designed padded internal bracing and sturdy timber outer packaging to a deep sea umbilical cable over 8m in diameter that required very specific heavy duty bracing and load bearing points to be built in to the base of the case to ensure 100% case and product integrity when being lifted by an overhead crane.

In order to ensure products are fully protected LV Valenbeck regularly use a combination of many different protective products when designing bespoke packaging, for example:

  • Protective Shrink Wrap
  • Polyethylene Foam Padding
  • Waterproof Lining Papers
  • VCI Papers – Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Timber battens and bracing
  • Cardboard Packaging
  • Foil bags – Heat sealed vacuum packing
  • Thermoplastic Protective Sleeving
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Void Fill Airbags
  • Desiccants
  • Paper Packaging
  • Foam Chips
  • Padded Timber Battens and Bracing
  • Internal Webbing and Strapping
  • Protective Oils and Powders
  • Vermiculite and other absorbent materials to absorb spillage

For advice on bespoke packing methods and materials and for a no obligation survey and packing solution, designed specifically for your products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be only too pleased to visit your manufacturing facility or warehouse to offer the most suitable and cost effective method of packing.


Take a look at some of our projects below...

Project 1

Client Name


Project 2

Client Name

BAE Systems

Project 3

Client Name

Cylinder Service Centre Ltd.


Siemens Power Generation - Newcastle


Rotor shaft to be transported & stored for a power station. Shaft approx dims 14m x 1m dia weight approx 80 tonnes. Shaft needs to be inspected regularly as part of a maintenance program.


Our clients existing design was reviewed and then re-drafted to accommodate new dimensions and inspection procedures particular to this project. Once the new drawings were approved, the project team met and put together a production plan, laying out a schedule of action right through to despatch. More detailed working drawings were drafted, the materials were carefully selected, especially the heavy Douglas Fir timber to be used for the base. Due to the careful planning of the project team, the construction and fitting out of the case went ahead without any complications. Once the case was delivered to site, our in-house team of packers, together with our clients engineers, secured and packed the shaft in accordance with the agreed packing procedure.


Panther OWS Re-Role


A complete set of equipment in needed to be removed, transported & stored safely, then re-installed to a military vehicle on a regular basis. The equipment consists of approximately 60 line items varying from delicate electronic instruments & display screens to cable harnesses, fixings and fasteners.


After many briefing meetings between ourselves, our customer & the subsequent end user, it was decided to protect the various items of equipment within a single inner container, divided into separate compartments, each fitted internally with foam inserts. The type & density of the foam was chosen specifically to protect the delicate equipment from the rigors of transit, whilst still being robust enough to withstand regular use.

The inner container was designed with a removable tray to locate all the small coponents & fixings.The lid of the inner container was designed for a dual purpose,to secure the contents inside & to locate the main mount & some of the more robust items on top.A bespoke fastening system was designed & manufactured to secure the main mount to the top of the case utillising the existing hardware taken from the vehicle. Once the inner container is loaded,it is located & secured inside a outer transit case which is fitted with quick release fasteners to aid removal of the side & lid.

Various trials were undertaken to establish the correct fasteners as they had to be easily opened but very hardwaring.Both inner & outer cases were marked to identify locations for specific parts & an illustrated guide was printed & sent with each package showing a fully loaded case.


Project Title


As part of an ongoing maintenance contract our client has to store and maintain, 4 hydraulic piston cylinders for one of their customers. The cylinders are approximately 10 Metres long and will have to be stored out side in a secure compound. As part of the routine maintenance schedule the cylinders have to be rotated through 180 degrees and the hydraulic piston rods pressurized and fully extended on a regular basis.


A site visit was arranged to survey the cylinders in question. The internal case dimensions were determined. The amount of clearance required for access to the hydraulic fittings and the turning circle of the cylinder as it would be rotated was taken into account. Large rollers were sourced and purchased by our client.

Once the rollers were received, we set about designing and manufacturing plywood formers which would secure the rollers at the correct angle and position to allow the cylinders to turn easily. The case was made from exterior grade plywood, lined externally with a heavy duty cross woven polyethylene sheeting. the case lid was manufactured in sections to allow certain areas to be opened as and where access was required. The lid was lined externally with roofing felt and angled to prevent rain and snow retention. A hatch was fitted at the end of each case to allow the Hydraulic ram to be extended and retracted without having to remove the cylinder.


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